About Us

InvestMyCar.NG is a brand of ImportDeals.NG with the vision of helping individuals invest and manage their investments in transportation in Nigeria while providing comfort and employment opportunities for the people.

We have created a platform that helps investors to make money with their cars while we provide proper maintenance and ensure all transactions and operations are successfully carried out seamlessly

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Why Choose InvestMyCar.NG

Brand of ImportDeals.NG

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Transparency in Transactions

Proper Maintenance of Vehicles

Recruitment of Good and Qualified Drivers

Secured and Reliable

24/7 Online Support

What People Saying?

About Us
Engr. Adu Olugbenga

I got my Toyota Corolla from ImportDeals.NG and decided to invest it with their Brand InvestMyCar.NG.. It is one of the best decisions as they have kept their promises.

Dr. Omisore

I have seen hell in the hands of so called frustrating drivers who took me for granted with different excuses but this platform has made things easy and I will tell them to keep it up

Mr. Koleosho Adewale

InvestMyCar.NG's use of technology in ensuring work is properly done is such a great initiative. I am happy to be one of the investors making money here

Afolabi Abiola

I am ready to add more cars and most of my colleagues have also joined the train. I The thought of making money without directly involved and getting prompt reports & the Tech is a good one money.. Kudos to you guys!

Mr. Akintomide (Dallas, Texas)

Now that I have 2 cars with them, I have removed headache of how to keep exchanging dollars when I need to do things in Nigeria. With InvestMyCar.NG weekly payment, I can say that costs are covered